Cossu method program

The Cossu method is a set of physical exercises and of positions associated to vocalisation conceived to obtain a voice, and for professional purposes the correct application of Italian belcanto technique’s principles in all, even if the starting point would be very far or had been impossible with excellent training or excellent speech therapy to make significant progresses. It has shown a pretty high success rate, from beginners or yet singers with really deaf voices or no sound or no extension, in cases of vocal damages in singers or not singers, in solving the difficulties and straining in professionals, in just improving the expressive characteristics and qualities of beginners or professional voices. It has also shown a gain in efficiency on a breathing issue of genetical origin in professional kickboxer for which drugs and treatements were not sufficient to have an easy run (now she has) and on making the complete solving a of a flat foot in trained classical dance teacher (at the same time of gaining larynx elasticity and chords’s damages disappearing). General posture and breathing improvements are generally reported to me by all my students, but without previous parameters and a real measure this is actually also common in good singing lessons or in other practices as yoga or martial arts, so I cannot know if also commonly there is a discontinuity in body uncorrect functioning toward a more physiological one. This would need a specific study. The general judgement and impression after the use of those specific exercises is of  naturally gifted voices with great possibility, no sign of previous impossibilities and no signs of artificiality or of perceived orders during voice production, from that my hypothesis that they contain the way of appropriately connect some muscular chains voice related that give the appropriate larynx movement and balance of breathing forces. Those muscles are not commonly thought as involved in voice production but in all my experience working on them in a precise way make a discontinuity in voice production and make possible things not possible previously, and this happens in singers trained or untrained, and in not singers. To confort this hypothesis also the fact that the time to obtain that different voice production are surprisingly fast and on few sessions, being the successive longer work is to train properly and get used to the new image of the gesture if it was wronged by previous feedbacks. I associate those physical exercises to vocalization using vocalises yet existent, vocalises invented by me and adapted  for the specific characteristics of the person I am working with, using vocalisation the singer yet uses not to change too much what is yet good and his style when not totally wrong.
To refine and control and improve this method I have a study program (under medical control) more specific than the work with students and I continually select participants to it, candidates have to be people with vocal damages or vocal impossibilities, not solved by  medical treatements or speech therapy.  It is a program of 24 sessions of one hour in three months with a suspension of a month after the first eight weeks, with the exercises I have invented to work directly on the muscles I found being related to voice and that the medical controlled results I have had seem confirming this hypothesis. All the cases were followed by a phoniatrist and had previous medical treatements with not the resolution of the problems, some were sent directly to me by speech theraphysts. I only work with people who have yet had the medical treatments and reached what is considered their maximal gain. The program has been effective also in an organic damage not solved by phoniatrists and speech therapists.
Here the certifications about two examples of the program in damaged chords of two singers.

Nine weeks to change the first photo to the second with professional singer. From nodules, a precontact since many years, aematoma and a whiplash injury to good vocal chords and sound finally.


Here you can hear sound improvements in this period.
Second professional singer with a recrudescence of the effects of the adduction deficit she carried since long years, at the end of the three months in four months program deficit solved.



Both have a career, they did not have really previously, did win competitions, cd produced etc.
The program is  on three months of  one hour twice a week, an accurate examination at the beginning and at the end of the program with an eminent phoniatrist and objective exams before and after (sometimes also in the middle). Generally after a year we control if the results are stable.

The program is free for my part, the candidate is asked just to pay the fees of phoniatric visit and exams (a stroboscopy is required).

Contact me if interested in the form below or at

* Nothing of what I do and I have worked on and that I will work on is intended in opposition or at the place of medical phoniatrics and speech treatments or advice but only according with them and as an extension of them when they ad not been the complete solution. My research is to be intended to add knowledge and tools to voice teachers, phoniatrics and in speech therapy and I always work in sincronicity with medical advice.

Here the links to posts in which some of the results are shown in more detailed way.

X. Y., singer with great vocal damage 

Sister I., an organic damage solved 

M. seven years old 

Here two talks on Cossu method with former students:
the first is the renowned jazz singer Eleonora Bianchini, the second an ex teen student now occupational therapist and from his job and medical studies point of view is interesting what he says about.







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