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I am someone who can solve the reason why some people can’t be effective in a vocal technique or style, or when a professional can’t have the full or correct use of its instrument even with excellent teachers or coaches. Being frustrated by seeing some structural issues that made some singers think about them and never relax into a deeper dialog with music I tried to found ways to solve them forever. So I invented some physical exercises and discovered in what they were useful to a wider range of persons, separating the biomechanics in common from the individual precious way of arranging them. I found relations voice-muscular chains in a way not imagined by vocal field, in the parallel line of functional movement and joint by joint approach, and now I am pioneering the bridge from studies on biomechanics and movement science. It is a very specific work, nothing to do with others body practises for singers, useful but less precise for a vocal purpose.  To be sure that the results with my students were really appropriate I put some people with and without vocal problems under medical control before and after our work together and  it was confirmed the solution of their vocal problems in very short time, while a medical prevision of no improvement possible (https://luciacossu.com/cossu-method-program/ ), those with no issues had confirmed an improvement in voice and posture.
That it is: a way to bring to voice (and voice styles and technique or even just natural voice) those who couldn’t before and to refine and find tools and expression for the advanced and the professionals.
It is a sort of way to put everybody to the starting positive point.

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