My students: Elena Paparusso

Elena Paparusso is a jazz singer and composer. She was my student from May 2014 to February 2016. We made a deep technical work she needed and we made a focus on a voice setting which could be useful not only for the voice, but specific of her musical nature. The results were  the victory in the 2015 WinJazz Contest and her first CD Inner Nature.
This is Inner Nature one of the original songs from the Cd

And here The Mask always from the cd Inner Nature. Enjoy!

On september 29th the release of the album in an historical jazz club in Rome, the Alexanderplatz: click here for the event 

Her website 


Sister I., another example of my method

This is a typical exemple of the results thought not obtainable by phoniatry, and especially  in such a simple and not expensive way.
Sister I. entered  my research program in june 2014. Sister I. had an important surgery to save her life, a thyroidectomy in october 2013. Since after she had problems with the voice, she could not speak, neither sing. She used to sing in her convent, many times every day and also as a soloist.

Here the certificates with the  diagnosis of hypomotility of the left vocal fold before logopedic treatment (01/28/2014 Tyrodectomy on october the 3rd 2013, since disphonia, and slight dysphagia for liquids. Negate having other noteworthy patologies.
Fibrolaringoscopie: Normal cordal morfology. Hypomotility of left vocal fold. Inadequate compensation of the contralateral  fold. Normal respiratory spaces. No smoking.  Require a tenseabductive phoniatric treatment.   
She had the treatment, very effective with the speaking voice but totally useless for the singing voice.  Few days before the beginning of our work another certificate (06/06/2014 At current control it is confirmed the situation of hypomotility of the left vocal fold, good compensation of contralateral fold) confirms the hypomotility of the left vocal folds but now a good compensation of the other side. She had very low calcium level from the operation till several months after the last certificate you found at the end.


Sister I

Sister I. certificato-ipomobilita-privacy

We could make the left fold work again after three weeks and in the video is her voice the first meeting and after 5 weeks.It is not yet a good sound, it can’t be after so short time but you can hear that there is a substantial difference. You can hear the gain in the ring, a little glow on the sound, that the gained vibration and abduction make appear again.

These are her vocal folds after nine months from the end of our work and no other vocal treatment of any type after. You can see that a bad habit affects slightly  the right vocal fold (the right fold is on the left in the video) but the left is perfect in her vibration as if nothing had never happened. The certificate confirms that (Fiber optic laryngoscopy: True vocal folds normal in morphology, slight hypomotility of the right vocal folds, slight hyopertrophy in the posterior closure as for  suspected reflux. Stroboscopy: regular vibration, simmetrical and of normal amplitude).  And since our research Sister I. sings every day and again as a soloist as before the surgery.



In may 2017 Sister I. wrote me that she had been the soloist singer of the Litany of the Saints during a Solemn Profession in the Basilique of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Porziuncola (Assisi). Happy for her.

My students’ Recital part 4th

On 14th July 2016  my class sung in the recital for the end of the lessons. Rita Negrini opens the recital with Amy Winehouse Back to black.


And then she sings La notte



M. 7 years old

M. is a 7 years old boy who entered my three months research program.

Those are his vocal folds in November 2015 and a week before we started my program. Kissing nodules, hematoma, deeply dysphonic, with also a problem of stuttering; three years of logopedic treatment with no significant results.

In the video shown below his sound at our third meeting and after a couple of months.  At the end of the video you can hear him with an exercise on speaking numbers that give an idea of his speaking voice and the clearness we reached.

He was a very difficult student and not for the age, but for a not collaborative attitude when he feels less difficulty that makes him totally stops collaborating. It was then impossible to make the videostroboscopy at the end of our work, the previous ones were easy and not a problem. Here is the certificate that on november 2016 certificates his not collaborative attitude and that the disphonya is  of light entity and this was the goal. The stuttering is a third of what was before, of course it is  a multifactorial issue  but we could work on a physical part that came from a not connected muscular chain in the voice production and the block of the voice was then significantly reduced.  Also some anxiety toward the speech failure  has disappeared and does not feel as preminent as before our work the failure possibility and you can see and hear that in the video. You can see that even if the singing sound is not really good (but to reach a very good sound need some more time since for one year in my experience you hear the sound of how vocal folds have been treated previously and then their proper sound really appear), you can still see that he is not out of rhythm in the singing order that is simple and direct and that you start hearing the change of colour over the different parts of the tessitura as in not patological voices. The speaking voice is clear and easy. Enjoy a little boy who can speak with less fear of failure, enjoy his theatre course  and sing with great margin of improvement.