Cossu method: M. 7 years old

M. is a 7 years old boy who entered my three months study program.

Those are his vocal folds in November 2015 and a week before we started my program. Kissing nodules, hematoma, deeply dysphonic, with also a problem of stuttering; three years of logopedic treatment with no significant results.


In the video shown below his sound at our third meeting and after a couple of months.  At the end of the video you can hear him one year after the end of our work that give an idea of his speaking voice and the clearness he reached with no further exercises (it is usual in my experience that when we correct the vocal gesture the sound will have a year to really change in timbre and density).

He was a very difficult student and not for the age, but for a not collaborative attitude when he feels less difficulty that makes him totally stops collaborating. It was then impossible to make the videostroboscopy at the end of our work, the previous ones were easy and not a problem. Here is the certificate that on november 2016 certificates his not collaborative attitude and that the disphonya is  of light entity and this was the goal. The stuttering is a third of what was before, of course it is  a multifactorial issue  but we could work on a physical part that came from a not connected muscular chain in the voice production and the block of the voice was then significantly reduced.  Also some anxiety toward the speech failure  has disappeared and does not feel as preminent as before our work the failure possibility, as you can see and hear in the video. You can see that even if the singing sound is not really good (but to reach a very good sound need some more time since for one year in my experience you hear the sound of how vocal folds have been treated previously and then their proper sound really appear), you can still see that he is not out of rhythm in the singing order that is simple and direct and that you start hearing the change of colour over the different parts of the tessitura as in not patological voices. The speaking voice is clear and easy. Enjoy a little boy who can speak with less fear of failure, enjoy his theatre course  and sing with great margin of improvement. And after one year he is still gaining ring and round in the voice.


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