Tips Copertura: everybody the same?

One of the fundamental points in technique is when and with what position making the first turn, also called copertura. Great part of national schools and national taste in sound is given by this position and way of making the copertura. If you prefer you can think about it as the first point in which [...]

Tips Vocal logic

For a singer or a performer it is often more effective looking for vocal solutions thinking in a way that has a vocal logic instead of a truer one. We have a point of acting to obtain the voice so deformed by instrument way of being built and related and cohordinated and the fact that [...]

On contemporary voice

One thing that has been a defeat to classical singers and teachers, and still persists as an issue, is the comprehension of musical and sound requires by voices used for contemporary purposes and the reject of some sounds in the voice. We (classical singers and techers category) have not made properly, in the past 40 [...]


Diaframma: l'unica respirazione che non è diaframmatica è l'assenza di respirazione. Se il diaframma non lavora siamo morti. Ci son modalità di lavoro del diaframma che presentano storture di vario tipo e praticamente un solo modo di averlo che lavori in modo davvero corretto e non è detto che solo se è del tutto corretto [...]

On breath and appoggio

What is breathing for singing? What is correct breathing? Is it different from normal correct breathing? What are the muscles related? Which muscles have we to work to obtain a good singing breath? The ancient methods talk about an appoggio (a sort of stand, of pillar) the voice find in a correct breath and of [...]