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Who am I

Future innovative super tool is optimising our yet existing biology; we are the innovative super technology and of yet now #ExploringPlusLearning its possibilities and resources.
I am in this for voices, and part of the future is here.
When you ask me if it is singing lessons or voice training or breath lessons or what that I do. I do what will exist as a voice specialist of the instrument and common/specific training strategies/programs for how biomechanics is.

Italian/French born 1971, voice teacher for professionals and future pro singers, innovator in vocal technique specialised in training and personalised solutions, voice development and voice preparation for touring/recording, young voices development without forcing the delicate and respectful balance of young talents. The innovative approach has solved strain/issues and limitations of singers unsolvable by training or medical therapies. Those skills have 15 years of successful career and voice transformations in all styles; hospitals have sent her some desperate cases, all successfully. The perspective has been recently presented at the prestigious Pan-European Voice Conference PEVoC14 in one paper and two workshops, she will present three abstracts at The Voice Foundation 52nd Annual Symposium May 31- June 4 2023 in Philadelphia.

Prompt questions

On what subject(s) are you an authority?

I am at now the only pioneering vocal training and development into true structure development for what is the biological structure of the voice in the skeleton skeletal muscles characteristics of it, and bridging to the specifics of biomechanics and kinesiology. I look forward to many of different specialisations to bridge with me so not to be the only one but a well organised knowledge. And I am trustful that this will soon happen.

My students: 16 years old, winner of many competitions here live on SKYTV

Italian Pop Teen voice
A 16 years old singer covering Almeno tu nell’universo in a SkyTV show, she won competitions, sung in local tv shows, opening concerts. We worked also international repertoire but her focus was mostly in the Italian one.

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A useful tool for singers, and purely enjoyable also ☺️😊

Realising what singers do when not in rehearsals with them can be confused by instruments playing with them. A profile of no instrument versions of great singers and great singers. Of course it is not perfect, life never is 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️ sorry, but absolutely useful for hearing and discovering phrasé and pronounces and sound production. Thanks for this practice/studio tool VoceuxVoceux



BREATH MANAGEMENT in practical: how it looks sustain without sound, and it is also a kind of purring. 




Posted @withregram • @lucia_cossu_voiceteacher BREATH CONTROL EXERCISE 

Applying the precedent one, so no high breathing but just the internal pushing up of the sternum and no huge lateral chest volume, no you do not get bulky. You do it without the finger and just lip trill without sound, if you can smile at the end before inhaling you are doing it right 





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Lucia Cossu Voice teacher online/in person
Rue Charles Morren 9 – 4000 Liège BELGIUM
TVA: BE0723776188

Ask me series

On Thursday in my Instagram @lucia_cossu_voiceteacher ask me a question in English, French and Italian. Follow me if you want to ask or just come by to read, you were many more I thought. See you next Thursday.

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What means in sound the proper diaphragm connection in yet good singer.

Singer since very young, it is twelve months she studies with me. You will hear that she is quite in order but there is a huge difference in bewteen the Dianne Reeves and Alicia Keys’s songs and Withney Houston’s one: this is the diaphragm connection that I long looked for her, not perfect yet in all the passages but connected and so it will be possible to train it and have those passages perfects just by using it and remaining connected. Enjoy!

Vocal technique fundamentals: what first? Copertura, sustain or appoggio?

One of the great questions this. One of the thing I find the most misunderstood is that without sufficient support  it will be useless to work on copertura and appoggio. With sustain intending not just a force created by transversus abdominis and diaphragm but jalso the simple posture in tonic relaxed attitude, ready to sing. I generally find too short and need to be developed to work properly with appoggio and copertura. So I will say before sustain, when there is enough to have the correct larynx position we start working with copertura and appoggio with exercises involving also sustain (so to be sure not to lack of it totally).