What positive emotion do you feel most often?

In my previous life as a rapid emerging soloist in classical music I felt often awe, the awe of this repertoire I was asked to sing, I was asked to become bringing feelings, insights, discovering, changing my body posture and breathing to become it, to embrace it. A constant adventure.

Now as a voice innovator and pioneer I have cherished the previous adventure to bridge with our functional biology so to have bridges for this adventure for all who want, and still the same amazing awe in me, and in my clients/students, always it comes, always amazing, always. Awe.

A new paradigm of biomechanics for voice production

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

My ambition is to see the step into the paradigm of voice production as the sum and interrelations of proper vocal tract with basic biological musculoskeletal functions and actions.

My system with its constant relevant original outcome is integrating more advanced biomechanical findings with historical practices and more contemporary commercial styles and I succeeded in putting the question in the plate of peers discussion.

I would aim to see the general public thinking of voice and voice quality as a dynamic biological adaptation of tissues and muscles of the overall body, developable reachable trainable.

It happened in London, it happened partly streaming live on YouTube

She missed something and she started finding it in 6 weeks intensive work together.
It happened in London, it happened partly streaming live on YouTube, she happily recorded her first songs after.
The entire streamed and a little 7 minutes of what was.

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The August Month of the Year

Was today typical?

Today started few days ago, it is the month I accept less students. It is the month I prepare/plan/idea bearing for all the months to come. In August I did chose the topics that could become abstracts, those six on twelve I wrote as the on time interesting, all six were presented in nine Solar months.

This August will be dedicated on putting into small, general public friendly version, plenty of photos and easy to implement books, with some exercises, those abstracts. They will be the first three titles of the series Joints & Voice.

August is my brain/braining perfect month. August is the month dedicated to listen and plan the future.