It happened in London, it happened partly streaming live on YouTube

She missed something and she started finding it in 6 weeks intensive work together.
It happened in London, it happened partly streaming live on YouTube, she happily recorded her first songs after.
The entire streamed and a little 7 minutes of what was.

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Belcanto 👉🏻 biomechanics

How would you describe yourself to someone?

Who am I

Future innovative super tool is optimising our yet existing biology; we are the innovative super technology and of yet now #ExploringPlusLearning its possibilities and resources.
I am in this for voices, and part of the future is here.
When you ask me if it is singing lessons or voice training or breath lessons or what that I do. I do what will exist as a voice specialist of the instrument and common/specific training strategies/programs for how biomechanics is.

Italian/French born 1971, voice teacher for professionals and future pro singers, innovator in vocal technique specialised in training and personalised solutions, voice development and voice preparation for touring/recording, young voices development without forcing the delicate and respectful balance of young talents. The innovative approach has solved strain/issues and limitations of singers unsolvable by training or medical therapies. Those skills have 15 years of successful career and voice transformations in all styles; hospitals have sent her some desperate cases, all successfully. The perspective has been recently presented at the prestigious Pan-European Voice Conference PEVoC14 in one paper and two workshops, she will present three abstracts at The Voice Foundation 52nd Annual Symposium May 31- June 4 2023 in Philadelphia.

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List 10 things you know to be absolutely certain.

It is true, we faced a huge setback in connecting/discovering/finding each other’s and being found. Still we put good content to just be the seeds and little plants we are in the every day life and reality musical workers not in the central spot still being part of the team work behind that spot on scene and on socials. I enjoyed crazily the previous possibility of connect with other musicians/music workers in the back of stage light and we will find ways to find them again.

Posting good material is always valuable: it is our songs, our seeds, we are seeds, the knowledge or creativity to make a more beautiful Universe.

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My first The Voice Foundation Symposium

Thank you The Voice Foundation Symposium: you showed an immense unexpected quantity of interest in my work, some huge enthusiasm, some doubts and then interest, the interest from exceptional from the field who took my contact recognising the unusual and relevance and unprecedented of my practical results, not asked and precious advice for the next steps and last the -Sometimes you must be controversial to assess new knowledges, said by one of the most respected voice surgeons.
I come out reinforced, with an upgrown view of the weaknesses in communicating and expressing those controversial points I represent, being viewed and mostly feeling existing now the topic on the table, a better view on when and where my work is not the good option and the other options available to address my clients to and new knowledge and what and how they are doing in the field. Some dance was even refreshing and so fun. Thank you

If you could have something named after you, what would it be?

A Voice practicing room, to remember and cherish this pioneering of voice practice and model integrating precise joints biomechanics that is mine and cossumethod

23, 24 and 27 my Posters at Voice Foundation Symposium.

23, 24 & 27: my three Posters for Voice Foundation Symposium, program is out. And here the specifics of my view in integrating directly biomechanics into voice production/training for this Symposium. Come say hello or come to the presentation Thursday 1st of June 2023.

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Three abstracts accepted at The Voice Foundation 52nd Annual Symposium

Very Happy to announce: three abstracts on three I have submitted have been accepted at next The Voice Foundation 52nd Annual Symposium in Philadelphia May 31- June 4 2023

It will be a great 12 months as first time presenting my work both at PEVoC14 and at the Voice Foundation. Very grateful, honoured, profoundly happy and I cherish to get to Philadelphia and meet all the amazing authors and researchers in there.

Thank you all who have supported me in this time of developing and researching, to all my students amateurs or professionals who have inspired me with our proficuous work, it is an amazing news for voice innovation and biomechanics at artistic service to be present in the major Symposium on Voice and at a prestigious international Conference as PEVoC during the same 12 months; and I am honoured to be the bridge to implement it into artistic voice and singing.




My presentation (and workshops) at Pan-European Voice Conference PEVoC14 25th August 2022

Here the presentation (the two workshops will not be published) at Pan-European Voice Conference PEVoC14 on the central topic of how body’s joints far from vocal tract are directly implied into voice production and development. Does posture relate to voice? Yes but the how is the conundrum and I am opening since some years a path toward a rationale unifying all the practices with what science and research says about the subject and how to implement it in vocal practices for vocal health, voice development and training, career and artistic research and achievements, for amateurs. For confidentiality reasons the two one hour long workshops will not be published but I will publish some practices and exercises. At the end in the video you find my notes, this is just a path toward a model of voice including the interrelations of overall body (big box) on vocal system (small box into the big box). It does not pretend to be complete or correct in all its sides, just a useful work model that has helped in more than ten years my practice and students and general population and voice teachers and singers and that has a solid scientific background and confirmation. Enjoy.

Copyright all rights reserved Lucia Cossu
Vocal system is into the body and into specific segments of the body, it uses muscles and structures having multiple functions, you know better than me probably on those, today we focus on the respiratory and vocal and postural functions with a joint to joint approach, and the questions are HOW THEY correlate in PRECISE terms? In here I would open a path, I hope, to more sophisticated thoughts and directions of researching and getting specific in WHAT HOW WHY WHEN of those correlations, and IF as an effect on the vocal system or a direct contribution SO to be the vocal system thought in a less narrow way (I know it is more precise the more restricted a system is, but if we get specific we can expand). I think of it as a big box and a smaller box, being the smaller the vocal one, the smaller is into the bigger, they are independent in some ways, share some parts and even something more tricky as the cervical segment, as we will see what this can mean in the joint by joint approach.
(I anticipate that I look at posture and overall all body as the environment in which the vocal system can operate and develop, we know it happens also the other way around, but I remain focused on this direction in here).

From static alignment and managing the breath air to compensate for a not naturally gifted voice to a dynamic alignment and an hypothesis on how asymmetries, defensive stiffnesses and joints dysfunctionality or underdevelopement can be directly worked and change directly voice production. Many methods exist to help body connection, relaxation of defensive veto, help alignement. They are useful and sometimes fundamental, what lacks is a systematic and rationale on the precise mechanism related to voice production, and if there is one. This is a presentation with some examples of work on Sacroiliac joint and transversus abdominis, examples that present a discontinuity in voice production, some with medical control of it and a couple with the level of performance achieved. I make an hypothesis of this specific relation using the joint by joint approach of M. Boyle and G. Cook, the functional findings on SI joint of G. Cook and B. Contreras, some insights from C. Weingroff and the fascia system as a suggestion of a worth field to research. I use their work because in physical therapies and athletes training the literature and research is vast and rich; the body is one and the biological rules and muscles kinetics do not change, then the joint by joint approach can give insight on how joints are reciprocally related. The defensive system will be presented as a blocking and braking system, sometimes a veto system and sometimes a decelarating and expressive system, and it is presented with an hypothesis of its muscular structure and gestures with strategies to manage it with positions and exercises. C. Weingroff says citing Dostal, Soderberg and Andrews ‘the hip musculature changes dramatically through various range of motion and some muscles can reverse their function depending on the positioning’, so no surprise that if a muscle reverse role in the SI tract the expiratories will be affected and they will affect the diaphagm etc.
Here some links for a general view of the examples, in the presentation clips not publicly disclosed of the exercises will be presented.…

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