What means in sound the proper diaphragm connection in yet good singer.

Singer since very young, it is twelve months she studies with me. You will hear that she is quite in order but there is a huge difference in bewteen the Dianne Reeves and Alicia Keys’s songs and Withney Houston’s one: this is the diaphragm connection that I long looked for her, not perfect yet in all the passages but connected and so it will be possible to train it and have those passages perfects just by using it and remaining connected. Enjoy!

Fundamentals. What means sustain first.

Yesterday I wrote about what I choose as order of working for the sound today (I slightly made another kind of few years ago, according to differences in contemporary requests and the sense of sound that changes adapting to more subtle things then just taste).

Well, sometimes it is impossible for some to simply use some sustain in a form that will create by itself enough copertura not to strain the vocal chords while developing it. So? So I invented some exercises having an effect on the muscular chain related to copertura so to unblock this important issue. Today or tomorrow I will do a tutorial about those exercises.

Share knowledge, happiness is knowledge shared. Be great and not mean ✨🙏🏻

Here the tutorial with some exercises https://youtu.be/w_jcr1tVkuY

Vocal technique fundamentals: what first? Copertura, sustain or appoggio?

One of the great questions this. One of the thing I find the most misunderstood is that without sufficient support  it will be useless to work on copertura and appoggio. With sustain intending not just a force created by transversus abdominis and diaphragm but jalso the simple posture in tonic relaxed attitude, ready to sing. I generally find too short and need to be developed to work properly with appoggio and copertura. So I will say before sustain, when there is enough to have the correct larynx position we start working with copertura and appoggio with exercises involving also sustain (so to be sure not to lack of it totally).

The Alice Robber and me series

On my Youtube and Instagram you can find a nice thing happening in my flat. Alice is a singer and songwriter, she has a producer and she is friend of a couple of my students, she opened last winter the concert of my professional student Galil3o. She is my host for 6 weeks and we decided to do a challenge, we put this online with some live streaming on Tuesday at 2pm and Friday at 11am and many others little clips of what is our creative and musical interaction, and my giving to her what can be while she opens to me and trusts me and challenges me and I challenge her. This is the fourth lesson, and also the entire playlist, the clips are truly nice as her songs. Enjoy this little creative laboratoire that this flat and London weeks are.



What is it your life? It is just that transparent and huge thing of cooking coordinations, the thing that seems done of nothing, so hidden that disappears while what you have done make others appear completely. My life is to disappear, so huge and subtle and I love it profoundly.

Teacher and student after, what remains in one image

The joy between teacher and singer after, when we just remain colleagues once finished our work and this is the best that will last. She is the great Italian singer Eleonora Bianchini who made a technical path with me, yet being the recognised singer she was. Happy of what we have done, she thanked me in the cover of her new cd. I have in me, in the depths of my heart and soul and of a voice trainer the work we shared, secret in the depths of music and of visions we shared and that will nourish both for a longer time, as this open smile declare. So beautiful job mine.🍀🍀🍀

Our talk on what was to her cossu method and our path here https://youtu.be/tnK3sS2Lt1I