Professional students


Those are some of the professionals that are and had been my students and used my method to improve their voice and their careers.

Eleonora Bianchini 

Weekly student 2016/ starting 2018, now just a little control of the stabilisation of the instrument every three months. Singer and composer, ranked 4th Best female Italian voice for  2016, graduated with a scholarship from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Conservatorio Morlacchi and Santa Cecilia in Perugia and Rome (Italy), international collaborations (Oscar Stagnaro, Rosa Passos, Eva Ayllon at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Queens Park in New York as well as Latinoamericando Festival in Milan and Fiestaroma in Rome Walker, Jamey Haddad, John Pierce, and has also recorded for Danilo Perez’s Panama Suite Big Band projectPortinho, Klaus Muller, Felipe Salles, Hector Martiñon, Juancho Herrera, Aquiles Baez, Leo Traversa and many more. She has a stable duo project with upstanding italian upright bass player Enzo Pietropaoli, they record for the label Fone Jazz Records.  We worked on a weekly basis for 18 months to make a deep technical work, and we obitained what was on purpose: her 5th cd produced during our work is now distributed by national stores laFeltrinelli, national radios called her to sing live (Rai24, Rairadio1, LaRepubblica web) and Rairadiorai transmitted an old concert in Ecuador. We had to work on technical solutions she was used to but not accorded to the nature of her voice, reshaping totally the way to look for solutions (perhaps the most difficult task with a professional singer), so freeing a hidden capacity of her voice to have more extension and precision that did correspond of a profound need of her musical soul, in the need for a new direction in her career and horizons that are now always more concrete reality. Thanks Eleonora, and her thanking me in cd cover.  It has been a great pleasure and honour to work and shape, with her total trust in me, that voice she has and that can sing new repertoire and finally with big band and further (as she knows I am pushing her a bit to do more and more); she rocks and I still dream of what I have heard in class, just waiting the time she can realise this new project.

Surya 6


Elena Paparusso 

Jazz singer, we completely transformed her way of thinking voice and singing in a intense period of 6 months and then a regular weekly basis for another year. The results were that finally started a true carreer:  her first CD Inner Nature, winner at Winjazz competion 2015, many more gigs, an european tour, in november 2017 she opened a concert of italian popstar Elisa for Save the Children. Elena was one of those singer with an extremely musical attitude and the final setting of her voice is something composed by an absurd well balanced work of proper muscles of appoggio and sostegno in positions not usual for a coloured mezzosoprano as she is. We made a well sorted absurd in which she has a colour of overtones on which she loves to relate and work on, and just leaving the shades of the mezzosoprano but not the full sound, the velvet redistributed as a vibration round the attack in all the tessitura ’till the high notes. It is something very peculiar and perhaps very contemporary for italian jazz scene, and we could obtain something she did not think she could achieve even if she was dreaming about since she started singing.“>

Elena Paparusso Noci intervista 


Francesco Galioto 

Francesco Galioto

Weekly session from september 2017, he is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from Rome (Italy). Rewarded by critique prizes, sung at the national show Sanremo Giovani and at the Concerto del 1 Maggio (both worlwide broadcasted by RaiTV), opening concerts of important italian popstars as Gianluca Grignani and Marlene Kuntz, playing in the most important venues of Rome (Orion Club, Stazione Birra, Circolo degli Artisti, Piper club, Jailbreak). Previously in the FSH band as composer, singer and guitarist now has a soloist project the Galil3o. I am just giving him some technique easyness and skills to have him more singer than songwriter, trying to change nothing of his way of singing. He was excited and happy of what he could do while recording just after a couple of months of work together. Winner of Spaghetti Festival 2018

Here live


Eddie Monroe

He came to me few months ago in april 2018, great songs and personality, not great technique but huge potential. In few time he followed me so well that I could think it is real a longer collaboration. I am honoured to be his technical reference, not satisfied and happy of how he does but happy of how he progresses fast and now in July 2018 a great discographic project has started on his songs that are going to be recorded in New York, Sicily and London. Enjoy just few seconds of his song during one of our lessons.


Margherita Rinaldi 


Weekly session since May 2017. Singer, graduated in vocal jazz from Saint Louis College of Music and Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome (Italy). She has collaborated with pop, jazz, rock, blues, latin, reggae groups as soloist and backing vocalist, and two stable collaborations in Quarteto Malandro and BMVCabrio. In 2018 her debut album. Light voice, we are working into a technical reserach to a personal effectiveness in her sound to support the mixture of electronic and brasilian mood of her musical soul.



Chiara Morucci

Singer, composer winner of many awards and well established career. We made some five months of regular sessions to clarify some technical points in theory and perspective.

Laura Sciocchetti

Roman jazz singer, she came for some issues in the voice that made her not have comfort and colour of her deep and strong chords without a lot of struggle. We solved the issues in some months of intense work in 2015 till first months of 2016 and she could win the vocal competition Lady Day 2015 for Ancona Jazz. She became in 2017 soloist for the Italian national jazz Orchestra of Conservatori. 

Lorena Falbo


A short intense tune up of four months. Soul singer, winner of the 2010 Festival Estivo. First are two original songs in 2011, after four months of work together. You can hear the difference from the precedent. We gained ease in high register , the possibilities of more dynamics in medium register, pianissimi and a differently coloured high register, more ease in high and heavy rhythms. During those months she could place in repertorio Oggi sono io in the Mina version, some other difficult songs of Mina and some standards she immediately sung in Rome venues.

At the end of our work 

Before our work 


Gianluca Grossi

Songwriter. Short and intense tune up for his debut concert in Piper club in Rome in 2011. We could work on the roots of some defaillant vocal gestures, and it was a proficous work.