En vrac un peu de mon travail/ In disorder some of my work

Artists I follow or have followed

Not professional/ étudiants pas professionels

In italian /en italien professionals and not professional students

#cossumethod and #cossuprogram for issues/pour problèmes vocaux

“Thanks to the wisdom of Lucia Cossu
who guided me towards
a new awareness of my instrument.”
Eleonora Bianchini
in the cover of her cd Surya

How it can be a work with a professional/ Ce qui peut ressembler le travail avec un professionel #aliceandmetheseries

Alice and me the series the end

*the series was streamed on YouTube where it remained available for some months (then it was time to let it go and look at the future). Now some clips and a resume in the page dedicated here and some on Instagram  @lucia_cossu_voiceteacher    #aliceandme #aliceandmetheseries

We are at the end of these 6 weeks, Alice performs again. She decides to stream it on her Instagram while we stream on Youtube. She decides to sing 5 songs. She risks more, enjoy.