Online consultations and lessons.


My lessons are available in person in Liège for single, or if in a small group in the form of workshops, online by Skype or FaceTime in english, italian or french.

Pour les cours et les offres en FRANÇAIS sur LIEGE et en BELGIQUE, les tarifs et les options sont differentes et clickez ICI au fond de la page


I am available for specific technical workshops, mail me at

Online consultations: 
° 100 euro package: consultation on two songs and 20 minutes vocalisations or two songs and 20 minutes of different vocal material (preferred video format), follow up and some exercises adapted to a couple of central points, two controls with follow up after of the exercises and the song each of 20 minutes of material video or audio. Payable with Paypal or bank transfer. Mail me at

° Limited online lessons: 80 euro of 45 minutes, 130 euro for 90 minutes (only for singers and advanced)
° Limited package of online lessons: 4 lessons of 60 minutes at 200 euros. 

Payable with Paypal or bank transfer. Mail me at

For the moment my lessons are privately given in Liège 4000 Belgium or online by Skype or FaceTime.

For any question contact me at or in the form below

The lessons must be paid in advance by Paypal or by a bank transfer. The lesson must be scheduled in advance according to availability and can be rescheduled in the 24 hour without penalty for the single lessons, and in the 72 hours for the packages. No return or refund possible for any reason.