Fees and contact

Professionals and adults

Single lesson of one hour is £60 (45 minutes £45).

First month promotion 4 lessons of one hour to be done in one month  £160.

Package of 12 lessons of one hour 480£ (45 minutes £360) to be done in a maximum of six months.

If you are a professional with vocal damage look in the page Cossu method since there is a free three months program if you apply to it with medical control and you consent the share of the results for research, publication and didactic purposes.

Under 16

Trial month 4 lessons of 45 minutes £100. If you are under 10 the lesson is of 30minutes and the trial is for £70.

Package of 12 lessons of 45 minutes £360 to be done in maximum of six months (30 minutes £240).

For the moment my lessons are privately given at my studio in my place in Brook Green – London W14 or online by Skype or FaceTime.

If you are in a Eurozone country the prices of the lessons online are the same just in Euro value (package of 12lessons 480 Euros etc.).

For any question contact me at luciacossuvoicelutist@gmail.com or in the form below