My lessons are available in person in Liège and Bruxelles, by Skype or FaceTime.
Lessons can be in english, italian or french.



° 200 euro package Consultation on material, no live lesson. The package is comprehensive of: two songs and 20 minutes vocalisations or two songs and 20 minutes of different vocal material (preferred video format), follow up and some exercises adapted to a couple of central points, two controls with follow up after of the exercises and the song each of 20 minutes of material video or audio. No refund or return or cancellation. 
° 100 euro live One hour live with an examination and advice from my and #cossumethod point of view. Possibilty of reschedule up to three time with 48 hours advice, two months validity. 


New students For the individual lessons I take time to make a screening from my point of view by some analyse, some exercises, and listening  to realise what is the point in the voice and its effectiveness, flaws and qualities and potential; then decide together the goal or the goals.
This can be done with three formulas:
1. First lesson  a session of 60′, before that I ask to compile a brief questionner I will mail and to send me some material to listen, 100 euro. 
2. First month 4 lessons of 45′ in one month, 200 euro.

3. Four workshops participation of four workshops or for sessions of the small classes.


After it is possible to access to the packages or the single lessons.

Single lesson, individual lesson, can be rescheduled up to three times 48 hours advice, two months validity

  • 60′ minutes  60 euro
  • 45′ minutes 50 euro 


 12lessons cancel , individual lesson, reschedule up to 5 lessons 72 hours advice, four months validity.

  • 60′ minutes lessons  price package  600 euro
  • 45′ minutes lessons price package    480 euro
  • 30′ minutes lessons price package    340 euro 

12lessons no cancel, individual lesson, 2 lessons available to reschedule  one week notice, four months validity.

  • 60′ minutes lessons price package    500 euro
  • 45′ minutes lessons price package     420 euro
  • 30′ minutes lessons price package      300 euro

Under 18  There are 8 places a year with a 20% discount buying three packages no cancel and weekly lesson.


Small classes of vocal technique and specific repertoire. Cancellation possible with 72 hours advice. Soon the calendar 

  •  60′ minutes 4 people class  15 euro a person
  • 90′ minutes 4 people class 20 euro a person

Payments can be done with Paypal,  bank transfer or cash. Single lessons, consultations and classes to be paid in advance at the moment of the reservation. No return or refund, reschedule is possible within the terms of the cancellation policy.

For any other information or to manage specific personal packages  mail me at cossuvoiceteacher@gmail.com or in the form below

Feel free to mail me for any question you can have.