Tips That big heart of Diana Ross singing and Dalai Lama words on being an attractive woman if wants to be not useless

I gave a young student Diana Ross _ Upside down to study, it is a perfect song for connection and copertura working in conjunction, especially with an Italian shaped larynx. The student is pre-teen, with good qualities and a little penchant for being intellectual, so she despises a bit the song for the simplicity of music and not remarkable lyrics. For the lyrics we agree it is an out of time way of talking and that we can leave be what they are and I ask her to focus on making words sound into the notes and phrasé. I give her some tips to find body movements to find how some abdominals give shape and a dancing shaping of the vowels. I ask her then to try to sing it taking away one at the time of chakra involving we had worked in the last weeks and to tell me when the song is still the song and when is totally lost. (This with chakras is one of the works we focus on from the moment we can involve them as a physical or more colouring quality, and it is one of the elements to understand how the internal artistry of a specific works and how it tends to shape every song.) So she takes away the crown and yes the song is still there, she takes away the throat and it is still there, she takes away some hips movement and she is surprised that song is still there, she takes away the heart and yes the song is really not there anymore. I can then make her understand that specific and generous quality of Diana Ross singing, no need to play the certified refined (if you hear some standards of course is clear she is) but just to use her refined qualities to take the straight line of heart and a nice superficial. In this same sense I have interpreted Dalai Lama words on a possible succession by a woman and that she should be attractive not to be useless. As the student you can think that Diana Ross was just her hips movement or see what was under a surface appropriate to be effective.

* the student has started having fun and joy with the song

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