Tips. The chimera of the opposition of depth versus futile, depends how.

We hear sometimes talking about the need of deep and of a connection to what is the no time and where everything is the same to everybody. I also work to obtain this connection with my artists, in some of my posts you can find the question even if said in other terms. Does this mean that we have no place and we give no place to futile and superficial as some seem to deduce as if or one or the other? There lies an important point: we need both and the misunderstanding lies only in how obtaining both correctly. Put in your training deep and consistency and that precise and nearly hurting serious concentration to find inside and as the structural root of your sound and breath this one who is the same for everybody, then go on stage and be futile, react to superficial, to the sun, fall in love with musicians and sound engineer and how he is playing with your sound, push the groove of those breezes nice that those feelings are, feel the root of the public but play with their outfits and make up. If trained on consistency no surface can take away the connection, but it will be possible fun and joy and poetry and dancing.

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