Tips. When I make my students wait.

Sometimes, on purpose, I make my students wait. Can be just a couple of minutes, can be more, can be me opening the door with still my earphones, can be a not care about them for the time of finishing what I was doing.
They sometimes think I am loosing time of their lesson, but I am teaching a lesson perhaps more important than some vocalizations. I teach them the offering, that offering I talked about in a recent post. Their time for singing, their time in lessons, their time in rehearsals and on stage must be in the sense of this offering and not judging and analysing and arguing and stating. It is not a requirement of humbleness or patience or submission, not at all but just the capacity to remain focused on the correct attitude to sing no matter disturbances or ego requests. I go on ’till they arrive yet open and offering and not taking care of how a technical problem on stage will make them wait even hours or rush, and remaining ready in any moment to do their job; and they learn to make a public wait the correct or musicians on stage or into the music, to obtain what is correct and has a greater sense than a good voice in tune.

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