Vocal tips. The excess of ego.

My artists know well how I can be tough and not movable in asking them to solve together something that I call an ego excess and it is not the natural exaltation of ego on scene. What I talk about is the not solved ego that wants to state its existence all the time, especially under stress (we always sing under stress that you can also call energy). I will say something engineers can understand well: if you want to make some waves and not only turbulences and crashes and clusters you have to manage every source of oscillation and  manage the waves produced. We have inside many sources of oscillations and we also react to those outside so we biologically and physically have many sources of waves. Voice production is according all the sources to manage and sum or to manage the waves produced internally to become a sound. An ego not solved states its existence making a fight and crushing everything not born from him,  so fighting every wave or source it has not given precedent permission so it and it is just useless and not adapt to have a control. An ego solved will collaborate to manage and create and accord this sum of waves produced by all can react in a human. (Not to talk the obvious successive reacting and according with others musicians also producing waves, and further exalting or dialoging with every thing has an effect on stage 😉 )
* I do not mind egos, just care about voice production. <3

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