Classical and Musical Theatre

 Apply to Profit of Three Months Top Training Level Sessions to Insert in a Study for Voice Proficiency in Classical/MT  Singers. 

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Twelve weeks biweekly 45’ sessions with a top level voice teacher and voice expert, using classical and old school technique plus functional approach to voice production. It will be requesteded from the candidate to provide two full phoniatric evaluations: one just before the sessions and one not exceeding  ten days from the end of the program. Full means professional evaluation plus stroboscopy and acoustic evaluation including at least two different 45 seconds of singing difficult/demanding repertoire, copy of all medicals, evaluations,  recording of the acoustics samples and of the stroboscopy. Those will be the only charges on the candidate, the sessions being completely free of charge. The sessions can be provided online or in person in LiΓ¨ge-Belgium, as preferred by the candidates. It will be provided the know how to implement 30 min/day of saddle chair sitting.  Apply: write on the WhatsApp below or mail at

This functional approach has yet proven relevant and unprecedented results in singers and general population in all styles; solved chronic and unsolvable limitations/issues also organic. It has recently been presented at world top Voice Conferences. This study has the goal to focus on the aesthetic and stylistic higher requests of specifically lyrics and Musical theatre voices, progress knowledge and practices in their very high skilled and high instrument requests. It is a cultural change, involving general ideas on voice and also for musical world. So to put under objectivity the usual singers results I daily obtain in my studio is a way of progress, not being just the results of my students but become common practice. It is the first practice pioneering the access direct, biomechanically mechanistically directed to get to find and develop the voice as not thought possible in those terms in medical and scientific field and artistic one, the difference with other practices is the precision and style respecting capacity of the training. 

On the rationale the presentation at PEVoC14 , and here the The Voice Foundation abstracts

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To apply use the WhatsApp below or mail at with object #cossuprogram

Italian/French voice teacher for professionals and future pro singers, innovator in vocal technique specialised in training and personalised solutions, voice development and voice preparation for touring/recording, young voices development without forcing the delicate and respectful balance of young talents. She has solved strain/issues and limitations of singers unsolvable by training or medical therapies. Those skills have 15 years of successful career and voice transformations in all styles; hospitals have sent her some desperate cases, all successfully. 

Her innovative perspective has been recently presented at the prestigious Pan-European Voice Conference PEVoC14 in one paper and two workshops, she will present three abstracts at The Voice Foundation 52nd Annual Symposium May 31- June 4 2023 in Philadelphia. 

She comes from an international soloist career in classical music that a malpractice during an abdominal surgery has interrupted (the surgeon has been convicted). 

Courses and workshops are available online from everywhere and in person can be arranged.

Lucia Cossu, vocal technique for professionals- Italian belcanto technique, Cossu method- In person, Skype/FaceTime, Workshops – 4000 LiΓ¨ge Belgium TVA: BE0723776188