Tips Difference in nature of positions for classical and pop voice.

If we had to put classical voice and pop voice in their extremes regarded differencies in vocal positions, I would say that it is in the way of treating the two positions in which we currently work (in pop for some dark and not high voices or when we want to give more structure to timbre even if losing some extension, we have just one position). In classical we use muscles of appoggio and sustain to obtain two vertical segments of those positions (the blending of registers) while in pop (and often jazz) we use the same muscles to give the illusion of two horizontal planes. Of course this is just the extreme pure, a number nearly infinite of ways of mixing of the two concepts is not only is possible but sign of a good technique and the choice of personal voice over a only academic one.

Artists I follow: Eddie Monroe

Good technical work with Eddie, wow he truly follows me and in short months! I have been kind and tough, truly tough where required. He trusted and followed me and now he is ready for his beautiful original songs in a great discographic project, a project born on his songs and voice just started bewteen London, Sicily and New York and produced by a producer to be happy. What a pleasure and honour to be the vocal reference for those fantastic artists.

Fundamentals A delicate matter in the newness of my work.

One of the central questions that my work poses in its results is that some excellent musicians and singers previously hidden into a not responding correctly singing body (also for many long years), can now correct this substantial deformation and achieve a correct and effective vocal gesture. Is it then all solved? Is it then that they have just to sing and use new gesture and get what they did not previously? Would truly like it was just like that; I would really like and love it for them but no, there is then a hidden trick to be solved and not easy to accept. We have to deal about the fact that with an ineffective gesture the feedbacks were affected at all levels, also at internal levels. So you give someone a winner gesture and if you do not work at the same time on internal winner patterns not experienced previously you will have a loser attitude and mentality into a now winner gesture. If instead you train at the same time vocal pattern and internal pattern you can give the opportunity to change and obtain at the same time winner attitude and winner gesture. For a technical and a personal point can be perceived as rough to accept that to a loser gesture (just an objectively not effective vocal gesture) correspond a loser way of deciding and of being toward voice, but you can as coach give reason and dignity and make it indipendent from the arrival point of someone but just as a not lucky point workable and changeable. All the singers I worked with who had vocal issues in some sort were also internally affected by that, the good and fantastic news is that yes they totally surmounted that nearly all and became winner, and this is the reason why I do not follow those who tell me to choose only yet winners.

Tips. The chimera of the opposition of depth versus futile, depends how.

We hear sometimes talking about the need of deep and of a connection to what is the no time and where everything is the same to everybody. I also work to obtain this connection with my artists, in some of my posts you can find the question even if said in other terms. Does this mean that we have no place and we give no place to futile and superficial as some seem to deduce as if or one or the other? There lies an important point: we need both and the misunderstanding lies only in how obtaining both correctly. Put in your training deep and consistency and that precise and nearly hurting serious concentration to find inside and as the structural root of your sound and breath this one who is the same for everybody, then go on stage and be futile, react to superficial, to the sun, fall in love with musicians and sound engineer and how he is playing with your sound, push the groove of those breezes nice that those feelings are, feel the root of the public but play with their outfits and make up. If trained on consistency no surface can take away the connection, but it will be possible fun and joy and poetry and dancing.

Tips. Technical voice towards natural voice.

Technical voice can support and give a sound to dreams and visions and a part of world and universe while the natural voice supports and give voice to the interpreter, his life, his habits, reactions in life and intuitions. Technical has a training to access to a freedom and reactivity that use the interpreter, through and beyond him and mixing him and the existing outside him.

(For technical I do not intend the declared technical voice, meaning by that an affectation in sound and artifice perceived in singing, this is a techical limit to be solved.)

It is a choice and not a sound, it is a way of being interpreters and artists.