Fundamentals The leggerezza concept

One of the most mistaken concepts in the XXIst century is the concept of leggerezza. It is mistaken with an inconsistency and not appoggiato sound or an undersinging attitude. In fact is one of the fundamentals of singing and foundation of power and strength, also of touching pianissimo. It is simply the elasticity in vocal [...]

Tips Imaging the singing

If your personality cannot feel comfortable by all the unknowns of vocal gesture (it is so complex and internally related with so many structures that in really long time we will be able to explain and visualise it correctly) and simply accept of being able of correct and effective gesture and choices, then go and [...]

Tips. The tension and stress (even) not perceived.

One of the tricky questions in singing is the effect of stress and tension performance related (personal stress in general does not affect singing from the first time a singer chooses diaphragm connection as a voluntary choice of action).The inexperienced usually thinks being able to perceive his stress or pressure. This is a superficial way [...]

Artists I follow: Eddie Monroe

Good technical work with Eddie, wow he truly follows me and in short months! I have been kind and tough, truly tough where required. He trusted and followed me and now he is ready for his beautiful original songs in a great discographic project, a project born on his songs and voice just started bewteen [...]