A personal post

Some of us can have strange effects of what are usually labelled as healthy and healthiest foods. If you have read my bio you know about a chronic condition I have since 21yo that a medical malpractice made worse so to have to stop my career, I still have but in remission since very little time. I put some photos because they are eloquent of a huge difference, a qualitative difference you can see in my face and now it is easier for my body and the strategies I act to maintain the remission to work: the food I eat.

It is building back what therapies and surgeries had as consequences and I can still wait to dye my hair (yeah I am nearly disgustingly lucky on grey hair 😁😁).
Zero carbs for me thanks, ZC means no plants (yes you read well: no plants). It did seem nuts when I first encountered, clearly it is not.
Not everybody reacts as me, bad genetic and some other things did sum up, but for those as me it is an incredible relief and it is clear in the two photos (no I was not angry or sad in the one of 2019 🙈😁).

I have celebrated my 50 years old birthday few days ago and I just feel as a huge gift and a bit of reborn.

And now just back to life and singing and teaching and writing of vocal technique