My students

Some of my students, different in style and age, experienced  professionals and young beginners.


Eleonora Bianchini


Eleonora Bianchini is a singer, composer and educator, great career, many Cd, merit scholarship and graduation at Berklee’s College of music (Boston)  and Rome Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in jazz. We are working to find and refine some specifics in the voice that my method make possibles and that she could not find out previously. She is my regular student since june  2015.

Here her website

Here her youtube channel.

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Elena Paparusso

Elena Paparusso jazz singer and composer  my student from May 2014 to  February 2016. Click on the name to hear her. Our work made a complete change in her technique and way of thinking her voice. After one year of lessons she recorded her first cd that she is now presenting in Italy and abroad.

Here the post on her with an original track from the Cd just for this site and you.

Her website

Her soundcloud with part of her cd

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Eleonora Braconi


Eleonora Braconi is a young singer, composer of some songs, my student from 2010 to 2016.

Here her first demo in 2015 when she was 16 years old.

Here her live in my class Recital of July 2016

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Agnese Piola


She is my students since a couple of years now. She arrived with a technical problem that made here not being well in the pitch and a too much air in the sound. We worked just technically for 18 month and then I could convince her, that she always refused in the past to sing in a class Recital. This is her first demo recorded in three hours after the summer pause. She is now involved in composing her first songs,  looking for a band, to imagine projects and study some repertoire. Enjoy!


Livia Bigi


Livia Bigi was an amateur popular singer, she had the characteristics to become a professional and in 2017 she made her first gig as professional. She is my student since november 2014. We are focusing on three different repertoires: fado, french chansons and roman stornelli and popular songs. I would like to work also on some neapolitan classical and Renaissance songs and more South America repertoire.

Here her first demo.

Here at the class recital in July 2016.

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Rita Negrini


Rita Negrini is a young singer, my student  october 2015/ December 2017. Great personality, great voice, she sings since she is very young. I am working on giving her the technique for a career.

Here and here her in the class recital of July 2016 A couple of songs recorded on December 2016 here

This is her youtube channel ritanegriniyoutubechannel

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Maria Sofia Ferrante

Maria Sofia is my weekly student since september 2015. She is now 15 years old, has a great talent for contemporary composers as Birdy, Lorde, Taylor Swift, High school Musical and Tracy’s character in Hairspray. She represented her renowned highschool in a national show celebrating those Institutions devoted to excellence singing Gloria Gaynor – I will survive. It was her first performance, the song is not exactly a song for her but she did it. You can hear her at 1′ 38”

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Camilla Piergentili



Camilla 16 years old and started studying voice with me in february 2016.

Here and here in the class recital in July 2016, her first performance.

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Giorgia Pantaleone

giorgia-pantaleone-fotoGiorgia Pantaleone, born 1996, my student for three years (2008/2011). She won some singing competitions, she participated to some tv shows for teen singers and has been called to open concerts for professionals, she sung at the Christmas concert 2011 for a Sky channel.Her repertoire is italian (Elisa, Laura Pausini, Mia Martini, Claudio Baglioni) and international (Sara Bareilles, The Beatles, Elton John,Withney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams and others).

Here  2010, live to open a concert.

 Here  little homemade demo.

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Alex Di Re


Alex Di Re , born 1992, my student 208/2011. Singer in the group Fading Lost. Here an original song and two covers. This is the result after two years of lessons.With the first song they were selected for the final round of the Festival estivo 2011. They are usual to have concerts and the determination of the group is here evident. He sings songs from Oasis to Muse, U2 , Bacharach and Gershwin.

Here their website Fading Lost / Questo il loro sito Fading Lost 

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Lorena Falbo



Lorena Falbo. A professional soul singer, winner of the 2010 Festival estivo. First are two original songs in 2011, after four months of work together. You can hear the difference from the precedent. We gained ease in high register , the possibilities of more dynamics in medium register, pianissimi and a differently coloured high register, more ease in high and heavy rhythms. During those months she could place in repertorio Oggi sono io in the Mina version, some other difficult songs of Mina and some standards

At the end of our work 

Before our work