#cossuprogram third case

The third case shown is with a young kid struggling with his voice. I made a work in a way of make react the ileopsoas with my exercises and in six sessions it started connecting with the opposition I always talk about in my vocal tutorials. We could enjoy and have fun with some Justin Bieber’s while we worked hard and he could make a good performance in his theatre show at school and stop worrying and feeling with no expression in his daily life. Viva M.

#cossumethod #luciacossu #cossuprogram
I am a voice teacher specialised in technique and solutions for professional singers and future professionals.
I come from a soloist career in classical music interrupted by a long septicaemia. I relate to Italian belcanto technique and some exercises I invented to make a step forward in the possibility of working on voices. I had results also in vocal issues of organic and functional origine under medical control, called by their doctors or speech therapists, here some of them https://luciacossu.com/cossu-

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