I will give one presentation and two workshops at Pan-European Voice Conference PEVoC14 in August in Tallinn, honoured and very happy to announce.

Very happy to announce.

Lucia Cossu

Very happy to announce. Three abstracts on three submitted have been accepted and I will be presenting them at 14th Pan-European Voice Conference PEVoC14 in August in Tallin. I will present on some topics which are at the centre of my practice, cossumethod and ideas; there will be some of them and an hypothesis on some biomechanics of our instrument. Very excited and pleased, also happy to go and to encounter the other participants and our hosts from Tallin Academy of Music, University and Estonian Society of Otorhinolaryngology.

Wish me luck, it is my first time (also first time ever I submitted abstract) Will it be so different than singing Bach or teaching?
Very pleased, see you there if you come.

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