The step 2 in an ex dysphonic student

She found me by another student, she was dysphonic. She had teen an easy voice and then too much weight put in a not perfect vocal gesture (or just too soon as so often happens) in voice lessons and since other teachers and voice therapists and no way of not having a broken and breaking voice and the fear and unsatisfaction and anxiety related to frustrating constant feedbacks for some years. She trusted the process and the little discomfort of learning and changing the dysfunctional movements with the functionals and having my support and the feedbacks of no more breaks but the typical sense of not exactly your voice of what I often call the step one of the technique path. What it is interesting here, and it is just a recording during a lesson by Skype just to make her feel a bit of pressure and control what and how it affected this intro, is that you do not perceive anymore what she has been through. This is the step 2, the technical zero point of the fresh start with not anymore the feedbacks and fears and anxiety associated to dysfunctional gestures. And this is possible because step 1 is creating the correct functional gestures and not the control of the dysfunction. And yes she is pretty something, you will soon hear what we are preparing and that she will put on YouTube and we are preparing her first gig.

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