Workshops and classes

Tuesday classes at 8£ 

Classes of max 6 people

45 minutes Breath class

60 minutes Vocal technique for beginners

from 16 years old 11 am

under 15 4:30 pm

from 16 years old  5:45pm

60 minutes Vocal technique for medium level

from 16 years 2pm
under 16  3:15 pm

Those are quite flexible classes, you can drop in sometimes or always and you will find some basics and sometimes more advanced exercises. Breath classes are based on my exercises and their results, they are not vocal classes. I will help the correct breathing to come back with my specific exercises (news about my exercises on YouTube or in the page Cossu method) The vocal classes are oriented to basics of vocal technique that we will do together and some that you can do at home and for which I will teach tips and exercises to find the correct and healthy way of using them. We will also use some songs proposed by me or that you can propose to the class and they will be material for the class. Come and enjoy.
They are located in W14, London
Soon some online classes also.

It is required the booking, contact me at the form below or at

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