Sister I., another example of my method

This is a typical exemple of the results thought not obtainable by phoniatry, and especially  in such a simple and not expensive way.
Sister I. entered  my research program in june 2014. Sister I. had an important surgery to save her life, a thyroidectomy in october 2013. Since after she had problems with the voice, she could not speak, neither sing. She used to sing in her convent, many times every day and also as a soloist.

Here the certificate with the  diagnosis of hypomotility of the left vocal fold. She had a logopedic treatment very effective with the speaking voice but totally useless for the singing voice.  Few days before the beginning of our work another certificate confirms the hypomotility of the left vocal folds but now a good compensation of the other side.

We could make the left fold work again after three weeks and in the video is her voice the first meeting and after 5 weeks.It is not yet a good sound, it can’t be after so short time but you can hear that there is a substantial difference. You can hear the gain in the ring, a little glow on the sound, that the gained vibration and abduction make appear again. She had calcium values very low and they did not improve during all the months we worked togheter, but the succes was not affected.

These are her vocal folds after nine months from the end of our work and no other vocal treatment of any type after. You can see that a bad habit affects slightly  the right vocal fold (the right fold is on the left in the video) but the left is perfect in her vibration as if nothing had never happened. And since Sister I. sings every day and again as a soloist as before the surgery.


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